Should You Build a Passive-Inspired Home?

passive-inspired homeMore homebuyers around the Pacific Northwest are opting for passive-inspired house construction. This is a growing trend. Many people have a general idea of what constitutes a passive-inspired home. However, few people really understand the details of such a building.

What Is a Passive-Inspired House?

A passive-inspired home is very similar to a passive-certified home. Never heard of the latter? This is a house that employs the latest technological advancements for promoting the highest possible energy efficiency. To meet certification requirements, builders must construct homes according to standards set by the Passive House Institute United States (PHIUS).

A passive-inspired home is nearly identical to its passive-certified counterpart minus the certification. In some ways, this is a plus. Buyers don’t have to go through the cost and time of certifying their home.

The Benefits of a Passive-Inspired Home

As one might expect, with a passive-inspired house comes less energy expenditure. More specifically, these types of units have several energy-saving advantages:

  • Reduced monthly utility bills
  • Cleaner indoor air and reduced noise pollution
  • Solar panels and/or energy-efficient HVAC and lighting fixtures
  • Airtight building envelope construction

Furthermore, builders use recycled, natural, and non-toxic materials which further minimize the carbon footprint. In essence, passive-inspired homes are far more sustainable than a typical “green” home. For comparison, a typical passive-inspired house uses about as much energy as a single 1000-watt heater. Here’s an even more significant fact: passive-inspired home construction only costs about 5% to 10% more than a conventional home. You’ll recoup the cost difference in a few years from the energy savings.

We Build Passive-Inspired Houses

Aside from building such homes from scratch, we also do custom home remodeling to make homes greener. See our testimonials from many satisfied clients in Spokane. Contact Murphy Construction to begin construction of your future dream passive-inspired home.

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