Home Construction Considerations for a Fireproof Home

fireproof homeCalifornia is usually the first state to come to mind when one thinks of wildfires. However, Washington, and especially parts of the greater Spokane area, is also prone to these disasters. This is why custom home construction projects should include fire-resistant material. We’ll outline what is essential for building a fireproof home.

Solutions for a Fireproof Dwelling

Homeowners have multiple options for consideration. One option is the inclusion of insulated concrete forms (ICFs). These consist of Lego-like blocks made from polystyrene that form a building’s outer wall. Installers fill the blocks with concrete, which gives the material high fire-resistant capabilities. ICFs can withstand a burning blaze for up to four hours. They also have the secondary benefit of acting as a sound barrier to reduce noise.

Fireproof Roofs

Even with ICFs, a home is still only as strong as its weakest link. If you don’t give the same fireproofing consideration to your choice of roof construction, then the house is still vulnerable. Good options for fire-resistant roofs include concrete and metal panels. These materials have class-A fire-resistant ratings.

Alternatively, you can opt for a class B rating as well. Class B consists of non-fire-resistant material, such as wood, but contains class A material underlayment. With this option, homeowners do not have to sacrifice looks for safety.

Fireproof Siding

While wooden siding looks great, it are susceptible to fires. Instead, opt for brick, stone, or stucco. If you absolutely insist on the appearance of wood, then choose fiber cement clapboards because these can mimic various wooden textures.

We’ll Construct Your Dream Fireproof Home

Moving into your dream home is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. View our testimonials online; then call Murphy Construction to begin the process. We can construct a new home or perform a custom home remodel to improve aesthetics and home safety. A fireproof home protects the structure and your family in the event of Mother Nature’s wrath.

Spokane Home Construction with Fire Safety in Mind

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