Three Best Smart Home Devices for 2018

smart home devicesA newly constructed custom home might as well be a smart home. After all, this is 2018. Make your new dwelling more conveniently accessible than ever with the best smart home devices. We’ll identify and review the top gadgets that you can use to streamline your residence to achieve convenience and security.

Must-Have Smart Home Devices

1. Surveillance Cameras

Spokane is a city, so burglaries can, and do, occur. Surveillance cameras equal peace of mind. The cool aspect about smart cameras is that you can see in real time from your phone what the lens is capturing. If someone is at your doorstep, you can see who is there, even if you’re at work or in your car. Some systems even allow you to converse with someone at the door as if you were home.

2. Smart Garage

Open your garage door with your smartphone. This saves you the hassle of having to carry a bulky garage door opener. The opener, by the way, is vulnerable to theft if you clip it in the visor. A stolen opener leaves your home vulnerable. Our custom home remodeling includes new garage door installation, which is compatible with devices like Amazon Alexa.

3. Smart Lighting

We have a plethora of lighting options for our clients’ consideration. Most of these are compatible with the latest smart lighting solutions. These include energy-saving LED bulbs that homeowners can control either by phone or voice command. Control the lighting from another room or even outside the house.

We Supply the Home, You Supply the Smart Devices

Smart homes are the way of the future. See our testimonials from satisfied homeowners starting a new life in a contemporary, smart-device-friendly home. Contact Murphy Construction and learn about the best smart home devices that we typically include when we construct from the ground up.

Smart Home Construction and Remodeling

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