What Is the Ideal Home Size?

Ideal home sizeHow big does a house have to be for a family to live modestly yet comfortably? In other words, what is the ideal home size? This question naturally comes to mind during custom home construction. Obviously, budget is a consideration; otherwise people would choose to build a mansion. We’ll discuss the average square feet of a home and whether that is sufficient for a modern family.

Average Square-Feet of a Modern Home

The average home for a middle-class family is 2,491 square feet. This is nearly a 1,000-square-feet increase from homes built in the 1970s. Here is something else to consider: Even though homes are now bigger, the average household size has actually decreased. The average house today has 2.54 occupants, compared to 3.01 in the 1970s.

We are definitely living more comfortably today in our homes with more available square feet of space.

Do You Really Need a Big Home?

What is the ideal home size? Sure, people tend to like the idea of a spacious home with an extra room or two. However, do you really need that spare bedroom or space for a game room?

According to a study by The Center of Everyday Lives of Families, home occupants spend 68% of their time in the living room or kitchen. Even within the living room, occupants spent most of the time centered around the television. They spent little time outside the room’s sitting area.

Areas, such as the dining room, porch, and utility room saw very little use.

We’re not suggesting homeowners shouldn’t aim for a big house or scale back on a custom remodel. We’re just saying that opting for a smaller home isn’t such a bad idea if you need to downsize due to budget constraints.

We Build Homes of All Sizes

Contact Murphy Construction whether you’re aiming for a 2,000 or 5,000-square foot home. See our testimonies from satisfying clients. The average square-footage may be the ideal home size because it provides ample space for most homeowners.

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