Invest in Your Property with Infill Houses

infill housesInfill development is on the rise in urban areas. This includes major metropolitans like Seattle. In fact, the city eased restrictions on height limits on custom home remodeling in 2014. The move allows for greater flexibility in the construction of infill houses.

What Are Infill Houses?

The term ‘infill houses’ refers to homes constructed on vacant land interspersed among existing structures. Due to the tight space, the homes typically have a smaller footprint, but may compensate by being several floors taller.

More homeowners are building a secondary infill house on an existing property. The same goes for businesses using their existing acreage to build an infill warehouse or secondary facility.

Trends in Infill Development

Smaller Homes in Irregular-Shaped Land

More homeowners are settling for increasingly smaller homes due to their affordability. Smaller homes also consume less resources, making them attractive for those interested in green living. New technology allows for custom home construction of infill houses on oddly-shaped and uneven land.

Single Parking Space

Most infill houses can only accommodate a single-car garage—if they can accommodate a garage at all. More homeowners are willing to accept this as a trade-off for a more compact and affordable housing unit. This is especially the case if the neighborhood has ample public parking space.

More Detached Homes

Typically, homebuilders save space by conjoining multiple homes together. However, some people prefer a detached home over a condo. This gives them a sense of really having their own land and property. Infill housing simplifies construction of petite homes with their own distinct property line.

We Construct Infill Houses on Your Lot

Make the most of your land by building an infill home or secondary dwelling. Some of our testimonials come from satisfied clientele after we built them a functional infill home. Murphy Construction recommends infill houses now that the Spokane area is becoming increasingly populated.

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