Wall-Mounted Vanity for the Bathroom

wall-mounted vanityResidential bathrooms tend to have a floor-mounted vanity, compared to wall-mounted ones for commercial restrooms. However, homeowners have expressed interest in a wall-mounted vanity. Aside from its contemporary appeal and aesthetics, the design has a few functional benefits as well.

The Rising Trend of Wall-Mounted Vanities

Wall-mounted vanities are especially common in hotels. They offer a clean and sleek appearance that breaks from the more classical appearance of traditional vanities. We have noticed an increase in enquiries regarding the wall-mounted vanity design during custom home constructions. Homeowners commented how they like the floating look, describing it as glamorous, hip, and posh.

You can complement the contemporary appearance with additional modern fixtures like a chrome or nickel-plated faucet.

Finally, the floating look makes the room a bit less monotonous. A floor-mounted wooden vanity on a hardwood floor, for instance, has an overly uniform look that some homeowners may not appreciate. Keeping the vanity off the floor breaks that uniformity.

The Functional Perks

You have more options in terms of placement. A big plus is being able to decide on the height level. Install the vanity higher off the floor to present taller users with easier access to the sink and counter.

Wall-mounted vanities also tend to be lighter, making them easier to uninstall and relocate. In addition, the extra ground clearance makes for more space below for storage. Adorn the floor beneath with wicker baskets or decorative tin cases for storing toiletries.

We actually recommend wall-mounted vanities when remodeling a half-bathroom. Since these rooms are so compact, homeowners will appreciate any extra space.

We Install All Types of Vanities

Renovating the Bathroom? Contact Murphy Construction for a consultation on a wide variety of design schemes. Our numerous testimonials come from dozens of satisfied homeowners in Spokane. A wall-mounted vanity deserves consideration if you’re gravitating towards a modern interior.

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