Why a Kitchen Sofa Makes Sense

Kitchen SofaWho says a sofa only belongs in the living room? A kitchen sofa is becoming more commonplace due to the growing trend of the open living space concept. A sofa is also suitable for kitchens that are clearly separate from the living room. More homeowners are trying this design as their home undergoes custom remodeling.

Best Sofa Type for a Kitchen

We recommend a darker-colored sofa or marbled fabric with a tight knit. Kitchens are inherently messy, and light-colored fabric and delicate velvets are vulnerable to staining. Sofas with removable covers or reversible cushions are also good ideas.

Another consideration is full-aniline leather. The surface is porous and easily absorbs liquids. However, most aniline leather furniture contains a sealant coating, making it easy to wipe away spills.

How to Position a Sofa in the Kitchen

Sofa and Kitchen Table

You can treat the kitchen table as a sofa table. A sofa table is usually a narrow table that you place directly behind the sofa. In an open room concept, the sofa and sofa table normally serve as a divider between the kitchen and living room, with the sofa facing the living room. However, consider the opposite with the sofa facing the kitchen instead.

Sofa as a Banquette

A banquette is a bench-like seat lined against the wall. They’re common in restaurant waiting areas. Treat the sofa the same way. If you have a bar in the kitchen, you can even place a sofa in place of stools. This gives off a unique, hybrid bar/living room feel.

Schedule a Kitchen Makeover

Contact Murphy Construction to schedule a custom home construction. Our testimonials show why we are a leading authority in the home renovation niche. Our remodeling work provides the perfect opportunity for homeowners to experiment with new designs, such as a kitchen sofa.

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