The Rising Trend of Single-Bowl Kitchen Sinks

single bowl kitchen sinkConventional wisdom suggests a double-bowl sink is more beneficial. However, we have observed more single-bowl kitchen sinks in the past few months. This is certainly a style that is gaining more popularity, especially among custom home remodeling for contemporary dwellings.

What Are the Benefits of Single-Bowl Kitchen Sinks?

Before we list some of the benefits, we must say that sink selection really is just a matter of personal preference. Both single and double-bowl sinks have their respective advantages. For the sake of this post, though, we’ll discuss those of a single-bowl design.

1. It Has a Cleaner Look

Some people believe the single bowl varieties just have a homelier vibe. Double-bowls can feel a bit industrial, especially if they come in stainless steel. If you do want the benefits of a double-bowl sink while retaining a single-bowl look, we suggest a low-divide bowl.

2. Ideal for Smaller Kitchens

Double-bowl sinks can overwhelm a smaller kitchen with limited counter space. A single bowl also gives you more space for tackling large tasks such as cleaning that greasy lasagna pan.

3. They’re Great for all Design Schemes

We mentioned that single-bowls are a contemporary home trend. However, they also work for other styles. The traditional apron (AKA farmhouse) sinks, for example, are ideal for cottage-style kitchens.

4. They’re Great for Kitchen Islands

More custom home constructions for the kitchen are including an island. Some homeowners choose to install a secondary sink here. A single-bowl is definitely beneficial in this instance since it saves space. If you really need a double-bowl, then you can always install it for the main sink.

We Install all Sink Types

Renovating your home? Give Murphy Construction a call. Many of our testimonials are from past clients who overhauled their kitchen. We install both double and single-bowl kitchen sinks that are every bit as visually pleasing as they are functional.

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