Bohemian Design Ideas for a Living Room

Boho Home DesignVanessa Hudgens is widely credited for reviving the boho fashion trend. The style is best described as a hippie look combined with contemporary influences. Why is this relevant? Because the boho look can also be applied to a custom home remodel. Here are a few bohemian design ideas for a living room that will add a chic flair.

Try These Boho-Inspired Living Room Designs

Go for Moroccan and Turkish geometric designs for small items, such as couch seat covers, overhead light sconces, ottomans, and sofa pillows.

Speaking of pillows, go heavy on them; you can even tuck a few below a low-rise table for sitting on the floor. All of this adds a subtle boho vibe to a neutral room. For a more pronounced influence, opt for bold hues and rich textiles to offset neutral-colored walls.

Other design ideas include unconventional décor. Perhaps you can hang a guitar or banjo on the wall, place a hookah on the coffee table, or set goblet drums on one corner. This gives the room an indie art feel since you’re using items not normally intended for aesthetic use.

Here are a few other ideas for inspiring your imagination:

· Don’t be shy with the plants, and hang vines along the walls

· Add a crochet hammock chair in lieu of a recliner

· Add curtain beads for all entryways without a door. The more colorful the better

· Incorporate anything with a tie-dye or suzani design

· Go heavy on the rugs; the patterns don’t have to match

We’ll Remodel Your Home to Match the Boho Look

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