4 Makeover Ideas for a Luxury Bathroom

luxury bathroomThe bathroom is one of the few places where you can opt for a luxury design on a limited budget. This is due to the room’s small size compared to the rest of the home. Our custom home construction has included various projects for luxury bathroom makeovers. Here are some design ideas we have implemented for past clients that you may find suitable for your own remodeling.

1. Seamless Design

Consider one material for the floor, walls, and even the tub. Marble is especially suitable for a luxury and extravagant appearance. The marbles’ veining pattern can integrate seamlessly from floor to tub to wall.

2. Floating Design

The tub is normally set into a corner. Consider a floating design where the tub is set right in the center of the room. The tub can be flanked by two matching vanities on opposite ends. We especially like this design for a master bathroom.

3. Use a Lot of Metal

We believe metal is grossly underutilized in bathrooms. Consider various metal finishes, such as silver, gold, brass, platinum, and brushed nickel for the shower heads, faucets, and cabinet knobs. For a luxury bathroom, a metal glass vanity is especially appealing.

4. Use a Lot of Stone

You can also incorporate plenty of stone that goes beyond the decorative elements. Stone can also be a part of the functional items. Have you considered a stone sink in place of the typical porcelain? If your budget permits, then your custom home remodeling can even include a freestanding stone tub.

Give Your Bathroom the Ultimate Luxury Makeover

Homeowners often allow themselves to splurge just a bit more when it comes to the bathroom. Our testimonials prove why clients turn to Murphy Construction time and again for extensive renovations. Give us a call today for a luxury bathroom makeover.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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