4 Design Ideas for a White Kitchen

white kitchen design ideasAnyone who says white is too bland a color doesn’t understand home design. A mostly white kitchen—white floor, white backsplash, white cabinets, etc.—works surprisingly well due to its simplicity. A white backdrop also opens many opportunities for new styling ideas. We’ll go over some of these design ideas for a white kitchen.

Design Considerations

1. Add Contrast in the Flooring

If the kitchen is white nearly everywhere else, then add contrast by using a darker color for the flooring. We recommend reclaimed and wire-brushed wooden floorboards for adding warmth to the room. Our remodelers especially like the look of reclaimed wood when paired with lacquered cabinets.

2. Vary the Finish

Just because you’re sticking to a uniform white doesn’t mean the finish has to be the same throughout. If the white cabinets have a glossy sheen, for example, then add some contrast with a flat matte finish for the white countertops or walls.

3. Vary the Style

You can add contrast elsewhere to offset the uniform neutral color. If you have a contemporary kitchen, for example, then you can mix it up with a cottage or Victorian-style countertop. Perhaps it could be one made from traditional veined stone.

4. Make It Glamorous

Add charm wherever you can instead of just settling for the ordinary. Consider bead boards for the ceiling or gothic geometric patterns for the cupboard valances. Another idea is a built-in hutch in place of traditional cabinets. If you stick with cabinets, then add flavor by using fogged windowpanes for the doors.

We’ll Grace Your White Kitchen With Novel Design Ideas

Our custom home construction projects have included many kitchen renovations. Call Murphy Construction and see our testimonials to know what our past clients think about our work. Our design ideas for a white kitchen show that sticking to a single neutral color leaves room for many innovations.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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